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Curriculum & Instruction

A shared vision for great instruction, adoption of a strong curriculum with support for implementation, and a culture of high expectations are critical levers for school transformation. 

Paired with the tailored leadership and professional development that school leaders and teachers receive, the Partnership provides aligned school-site supports to build systems focused on the implementation of standards-aligned curricula, data and assessment planning, and ongoing teacher coaching and support.

“The Partnership holds multiple professional development sessions with us, and individualized sessions by grade level. They also offer coaching, feedback, suggestions, and ideas. I don’t think I could do all my work without their support.”Anavelen Macias4th Grade Teacher & Team Lead
Grape Street Elementary
Aligned Curriculum

Over the first two years of new curriculum implementation, 20th Street Elementary, the fastest improving elementary school in LA Unified in 2016-17, more than doubled the percentage of students meeting or exceeding standards in math (using Eureka Math instead of MyMath), growing from 17% to 43%. 

In order for students to be academically prepared for the demands of college and career when they graduate from high school, they need access to grade-level work, teachers with high expectations, and differentiated supports to help them meet those expectations. 

What Sets the Partnership Approach Apart

data & assessment planning

No less important than high-quality, standards-aligned curricula, assessment provides “a roadmap to rigor” by measuring progress toward standards. 

What Sets the Partnership Approach Apart

We support school leaders to implement a culture of data analysis at their school sites and build out systems to regularly assess whether evidence-based practices are working effectively or need to be modified. 

Ongoing Teacher
Coaching & Support
“I choose to work at a Partnership school because they choose to partner with me and I’m never alone. The Partnership has empowered me to be a better teacher by giving me the tools that I need to thrive in the classroom.”Stephanie CurryTeacher, 107th Street Elementary

Our focus on equity and continuous improvement emanates in our approach to supporting instruction and improving teacher practice.

Large, urban school districts don’t often have the resources to invest in direct coaching or in capacity building to lead this work. In Los Angeles, our visibility into schools indicates that many coaches aren’t actually even coaching – they’re being utilized to test students, support teachers with tasks like photocopying, or to pull students for intervention supports.  

We recognize the ways that direct coaching and support from Partnership staff to improve practice is a stop-gap method that wouldn’t be needed if systems in schools were fully functioning and could deliver and coordinate these supports on their own. The reality in our schools – and other high-need schools across the country – is that direct and targeted supports are still required if we’re going to close equity gaps and reverse decades of underinvestment in high-need schools. At the same time, we aspire to gradually release our direct support and shift to a place of capacity building where we are supporting school leaders, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders to coach teachers and sustain systems that improve instruction. 

What Sets the Partnership Approach Apart

We believe that the biggest lever in changing teacher practice is coaching and direct feedback aligned with formal professional development. To this end, we train school leaders to be coaches first, and to use student performance data to differentiate support for teachers to strengthen their pedagogical practice. Teacher leaders serve as critical peer coaches for professional development in schools. 

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