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The Partnership believes that in order to be successful, school leaders must prioritize building strong operational systems within their schools and empowering their staff and teachers through effective delegation.

  • Navigating district processes to remove barriers that interfere with the achievement of our mission
  • Strategic budget supports and advocacy to ensure maximum impact for every dollar at the school site
  • Student recruitment and enrollment support to perform effective community outreach, build school- and network-level brand, and fully enroll schools within the feeder pattern.
“Knowing that the Partnership advocates and supports is an added layer of peace of mind. When situations arise that require a greater degree of advocacy than the principal can provide, the Partnership steps in.”Luis BarrazaPrincipal, Sunrise Elementary School

Too often, principals at high-need schools are forced to dedicate large quantities of time to operational activities that, while important, detract from focusing on providing amazing instruction to students in every classroom, every day.

What Sets the Partnership Approach Apart

We support the school leader to effectively navigate the system and escalate requests and concerns as appropriate to ensure the smooth operation of the campus. 

strategic budgeting

In order to educate all students to be college- and career-ready, school leaders must maximize every dollar in the school’s budget and ensure that those dollars are being spent equitably and strategically. 

What Sets the Partnership Approach Apart

student recruitment & enrollment

With a declining birthrate in Los Angeles County and many families choosing to leave the city for more affordable communities or to enroll their students elsewhere, District enrollment has been declining over time.

This has major implications for school budgets and a direct impact on the students who remain enrolled, as cuts can often mean a developing teacher has to be let go, a school nurse is available on campus only one day a week instead of five, or a promising intervention program must be cut because of declining funding. Districts in urban areas with a variety of school options in competition with one another can no longer take student enrollment as a given, and instead have had to ramp up community outreach and recruitment efforts.

What Sets the Partnership Approach Apart

Because of the strong alignment between student recruitment, school budgeting, and the broader effort to build strong operational systems on-site, the Partnership Operations team has a staff member dedicated to leading network-wide and school-specific student recruitment strategy and support. This allows us to go deep with school leaders to strategize ways to increase the visibility of the school in the community and to recruit students and families. We provide targeted, school-specific student recruitment support to help leaders develop level- and site-specific recruitment plans that highlight the unique programs and offerings at the school. 

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